Stansell Electric Company, Inc. has worked with STC-Memphis, Inc. for several years, both as a prime contractor utilizing them for traffic control systems, and as fellow sub-contractors for other prime contractors. We are very familiar with the company and how they conduct business.

We have used STC-Memphis, Inc. as a sub-contractor on over seven TDOT projects in the last three years, the largest project being CNH 693 in Hamilton County (Chattanooga). This project is a large ITS project with multiple work locations along the interstate system.

Our overall impressions of STC-Memphis are summarized as follows:

Type of Work Performed:

All types of traffic control for construction, including furnishing all required devices and performing traffic control function and monitoring during construction.

Quality of Services:

STC-Memphis, Inc. conducts its business and its work in a very high quality manner. They are adept at job pre-planning, they are extremely knowledgable in their area of work, and their performance is exellent.

Timely Completion of Work:

Our experience is that they perform and complete their work on time and work with flexibility to meet the projects needs.

Level of cooperation:

The company provides as good of a service as could be expected of a sub-contractor. We would recommend them to anyone.

Stansell Electric Company will always seek to work with STC-Memphis, Inc., because they provide maximum value, excellent customer service, and create an atmosphere of trust. Should there be any questions concerning this letter, please call the writer at 615-329-4944

Yours truly,
Stansell Electric Company, Inc.


To whom it may concern:

When Superior Traffic.Control asked me for a reference letter, I was delighted to hear they would be working in Georgia. Over the past four years, STC has worked with us on numerous projects. They handled the traffic control items including the installation of signs, barrels, and furnishing other incidentals. STC’s level of customer satisfaction has always been top priority. They have been cooperative and met our needs in a timely fashion. The materials they furnish are always in good condition and good working order. They also take traffic control and their line of work very serious. I hope in the near future I will be able to use STC on our next transportation project in Georgia.

Talley Construction Co., Inc.


We have worked with Superior Traffic Control (STC) for many years. They have provided traffic control on numerous high-quality projects across the state of Tennessee. STC has a reputation for being very cooperative with the owners, engineers, and other subcontractors. STC provides a very high level of quality in compliance with the project requirements. They do what they say they are going to do and complete their work on time. They are cooperative with the project team and provide both the owner and the public satisfaction in the course of their projects.

We have successfully worked with STC on some of the largest and most technically challenging projects in Tennessee. They are currently working on our three largest projects.

We always look forward to working with STC.

Should you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our company.

W. Bruce Nicely
Georgia Department of Transportation


To Whom It May Concern:

STC of Memphis, Inc has been erecting our signs and providing our traffic control needs for the past ten years. I have found that when you call STC, they are professional, efficient, and punctual. They mobilize and move to our jobs in a timely manner and never make any excuses or put us off. They are precise and thorough; they check the traffic control on the projects once a week and correct any deficiencies on the spot.

I would recommend STC of Memphis, Inc. to any contractor who is looking for a subcontractor to do traffic control.

Yours Truly,
Samuel W. Baggett
Vice President


To Whom it May Concern:

It is my pleasure to work with Superior Traffic Control on many projects for the Tennessee Department of Transportation over the last several years. As a subcontractor, they have provided our company with the highest quality traffic control services available. Their cooperation, attention to detail, and general service has been excellent on various projects with complex traffic control schemes.

Some of those projects are as follows:

Contract CND157 – Shelby County
Contract CND265 – Shelby & Fayette Counties
Contract CNE903 – Shelby County, Tennessee & Crittenden County, Arkansas Contract CNG065 – Shelby County
Contract CNG269 – Hamilton County

We would highly recommend Superior Traffic Control for prequalification in your state.

If I can be of assistance, please do not hesitate to call.

Yours truly,
Dement Construction Company LLC


To Whom It May Concern:

This letter will serve as a recommendation for business activity and dealings with Superior Traffic Control. My unit has had many dealings with STC since their inception. They have been the prime and sub-contractor on many of our State Contracts. I have found Mr. Brian Wood to be very professional and knowledgeable in his line of business. Mr. Wood, his company, and his employees are extremely dedicated to their business, their products, and their work as a whole. One of the strongest attributes Mr. Wood contains is in his ability to adapt to changing circumstances with the contract work. As the case is in many contracts, certain circumstances arise where a change may need to be made to the original plans in order to properly maintain the safety of the traveling public. In such cases as these, Mr. Wood is more than capable and willing to do whatever is necessary to achieve this goal.

I have found it to be a pleasure to work in unison with this company and their employees. I would highly recommend them for any work you may need from them in their field of work. I believe they will be more than able to help you in obtaining the success you are striving to achieve.

Please feel free to contact me at your convenience if you need any further information.

Steve Flowers
Oper. Specialist Supv. l
State of Tennessee
Dept. of Transportation Covington Construction Office (901) 475-2519 or 475-2520


Mr. Baker,
This is a letter of reference for Superior Traffic Control, LLC (STC). STC has had and maintains an excellent working relationship with Wright Brothers. STC has performed traffic control services, temporary sign installation, permanent sign installation, and installation of traffic control devices for Wright Brothers on numerous projects over the past 10 years. A few of these projects are as follows:

TDOT – Apison Pike Widening – Hamilton County – $25M

TDOT – U.S. 27 Reconstruction – Hamilton County – $105M

Numerous TDOT Asphalt Paving Projects

As you can see from the total contract amounts listed from the projects above, STC is very experienced in performing traffic control services on large complex transportation projects. STC’s approach towards their work is very commendable. They have done a good job of planning, executing, and completing their work in a timely manner. I would recommend them to the Georgia Department of Transportation.

J. Mitchell Simpson Vice President


Hello Brian,

With 2011 coming to a close, we wish to once again take a moment to let you and Rebecca know just how much we sincerely value our relationship with Superior Traffic Control and its staff.

Considering our decades of experience within the highway safety and traffic control industry, we are hard pressed to remember another partner that has ever been as well-staffed, fine-tuned, and has their hands wrapped as firmly around our chosen field of endeavor.

Superior’s management team, lead by you and Rebecca, is simply incredible. They are very demanding, yet very engaged, highly skilled, extremely knowledgeable, and without exception, honest, reliable, and fair.

Further, Superior’s reputation to commitment in honoring its terms of agreement over the years is, frankly, more than just impressive.

The entire staff at Custom Products Corporation is truly proud and feels very fortunate to be associated with Superior Traffic Control. And, we look forward to many more years of friendship and strategic partnering.

Best regards,
Tim Bradley
Manager, Distributor Support/ Business Development


Dear Rebecca:

On behalf of the staff and volunteers of the FedEx St. Jude Classic, I would like to thank you for your continued support and service of our event. Due to dedicated vendors like Superior Traffic Control, we have been able to raise much-needed awareness and more than 25 million dollars for the children of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

A countless number of dedicated vendors are crucial to our success and Superior Traffic Control has exceeded our expectations. Whether it is additional inventory or sudden work changes, Superior Traffic Control continues to provide a service that is unmatched. As a seasonal event, we have one chance to execute a flawless event and Superior Traffic Control makes that objective easter.

Once again, on behalf of our title sponsor FedEx and over 1,800 volunteers, we appreciate your service and support and look forward to a continued partnership for many years to come.

Darrell Smith Tournament Manager



I would like to personally thank you and Superior Traffic Control for not only being a long time vendor, but also for the superb job your company does in flawlessly executing our complicated street closure and detour plan.

Special events and festivals of this magnitude are, without saying, very stressful in nature. Using Superior’s quality equipment and communicating with your experienced people makes street closures one less thing to worry about.

Memphis in May appreciates your help in 2011 and hopes to continue doing business with Superior Traffic Control in 2012.

Best regards,
Merek Swaim
Vice President of Operations Memphis in May International Festival


To Whom It May Concern:

OCCI, Inc. has worked on numerous Department of Transportation projects with the help of Superior Traffic Control (“STC”) since 1998. Superior Traffic Control provides excellent work and service on all of OCCl’s traffic control items, from bid stage through completion of the project. They can be relied upon to present quality work and safe operations on highly visible projects in congested environments, such as OCCl’s seismic retrofit project of the 1-40 Bridge over the Mississippi River. STC was a key subcontractor in the success of this $34 million project.

On more than one occasion, work plans outlined in the drawings would not work for a more economical or efficient plan could be utilized. Rather than accepting the drawing as is, Brian Wood or Rebecca Wood at STC would take the initiative and step in to discuss these options with the State or design firms to accomplish the necessary work at the best price.

Brian, in particular, has been a tremendous asset to the safe completion of our projects. He is able to help problem solve in the field and provide solutions, allowing timely construction of phasing while always ensuring the safety of the traveling public and work crews.

I highly recommend Superior Traffic Control for any traffic control needs. Their consistent and safe performance brings distinct value to the safe and timely completion of any project they are a part of.

Tony Humphrey OCCI, Inc.


Dear Rebecca:

We want you to know how grateful we are for your support of the tenth St. Jude Memphis Marathon Weekend.

In an effort to effectively produce an event of this magnitude, it takes hundreds of companies and organizations as well as over 2,500 dedicated volunteers. This year’s event drew over 16,000 participants in four races: marathon, half marathon, Memphis Grizzlies House 5K, and the Family Race and Kids Marathon. The event raised a record-breaking $3.9 million for life-saving mission of St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, which is nearly $1 million more than last year.

This success would not have been possible without committed vendors like your company. We especially appreciate the efficient and professional service you’ve provided for the past eight years. On behalf of the St. Jude children and families, the ultimate beneficiaries of this successful event, please know how grateful we are for your loyal support!

We wish you a healthy and prosperous 2012.

Dwight Drinkard
Event Coordinator


STC has always been a dependable, safe, and quality company to work with.

Tom Hoover Jr.