Superior Traffic Control, LLC

"To be the standard of excellence in the traffic control industry by delivering unparalleled safety services on time, every time."

About Us

Founded in 1998, Superior Traffic Control, LLC operates in Tennessee, Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas, making it the largest traffic control company in the Mid-South. Together, our team members bring the highest level of industry experience available for state, city, and private projects. We have the products, training, and experience to meet all of your traffic control needs for both large-scale and small-scale construction projects or events. All of our services are customized for your needs and delivered in a turn-key package on time, every time!


Superior Traffic Control, LLC (STC) was founded in 1998 by President, Rebecca Wood in Memphis, TN. Rebecca Wood and husband Brian Wood (Vice President) saw a need for a company that could provide traffic control services that were reliable, efficient, and of the highest quality. With their combined industry knowledge and determination, the Woods soon expanded and moved their operation out of their family home and into an office/warehouse located in Cordova, TN. With the addition of key employees, such as Don Taylor, Garin Swain, and Sam Jones, the company began to earn the trust and respect of many prime contractors in West Tennessee, Eastern Arkansas, and Northern Mississippi.


In 2006, the Superior Traffic Control, LLC team made a strategic move and expanded to Middle Tennessee, eventually opening a permanent office in Christiana, TN. Steve Harrelson was hired to run the office and was soon joined by Robby Wood and Lyndsey Wood. Jay Blumenstock was hired in 2008 to oversee an expansion to East Tennessee, and by 2010, the company had established branches in East Tennessee and Chattanooga.

Incorporating New Technology

Along with physical expansion, the management team has also invested in new technologies throughout Superior Traffic Control's history. As an example, the management team began to install GPS tracking systems in all company vehicles in 2008. This enabled managers to track the progress of crews and ensure the proper and timely service of job sites.

In 2010, Superior Traffic Control, LLC was the first private contractor to deploy the innovative Vulcan Barrier Rail system from Energy Absorption Systems in the United States. The device provides a positive protection barrier between the traveling public and construction work zones. Through its design and fabrication using steel components, the Vulcan Barrier is more portable and easier to haul in comparison to traditional concrete rail. The rail also provides maximum protection for passengers while remaining cost effective.

Another breakthrough was implemented in 2014 when Superior Traffic Control, LLC invested in Smart Work Zone System technology by Ver-mac and was the first to deploy the equipment in Tennessee. The Smart Work Zone System uses radar technology and traffic control equipment to create dynamic, automatic, and real-time communication between work zones and the traveling public.

New Headquarters and the Company Today

To date, Superior Traffic Control, LLC has grown into a well-respected industry leader and effectively expanded its reach to serve all customers in the state of Tennessee as well as in Alabama, Georgia, Mississippi, and Arkansas while investing in more effective products and innovating its management and service practices. With growth in many areas came a demand for a centrally located corporate office. In January of 2016, Brian and Rebecca Wood relocated the executive offices of Superior Traffic Control, LLC to its new corporate headquarters in Christiana, TN.

As a company that prides itself on its dedicated employees, we cannot thank our team members enough for being a part of our history and enabling our growth. Additionally, the opportunity to serve our community would not be possible without the great state of Tennessee, the surrounding regions, and all of our customers. We thank you for your loyal support and trust throughout our company's history.

Serving Our Customers - We believe that our first responsibility is to our customers and those who use our services. Our services and products must always be of the highest quality, seek to solve our customers’ problems, and be delivered promptly. We constantly strive to keep a balance between value and cost.

Empowering Our Employees - Our second responsibility is to those who work for us – the men and women out in the field and in our offices. There must be an opportunity for advancement for those qualified, and each person must be considered on an individual merit. Wages must be commensurate with responsibility and must reflect the individual’s ability to make contributions of value to the company. Our management must be people of talent, experience, and ability. Our employees deserve the best environment, and to achieve this, working conditions must remain clean and orderly.

Strengthening Our Core - Our third responsibility is to the Company. Our business practices must result in a sound profit. Reserves must be created, innovations must be developed, and mistakes paid for.

Our Vision

  • To consistently perform as the leader in the traffic control industry for the Mid-South region and to raise the bar on the level of excellence expected on road and bridge projects.
  • To provide the highest attainable level of work zone safety possible.
  • To consistently implement new technology in the field.
  • To foster a work environment in which our employees thrive.